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Application scheme of synchronous lever in automobile seat field

Application scheme of synchronous lever in automobile seat field

Application scheme of synchronous lever in automobile seat field

In an automobile seat, a synchronous rod, two side angle adjusters, a motor or a handwheel together form a seat back tilt angle adjusting mechanism, wherein the synchronous rod drives the two side angle adjusters through the input force of the motor or the handwheel, thereby realizing the adjustment of the seat tilt angle.

Mingyang Technology from2012Since 2000, it has broken the situation that the synchronous rods of middle and high-grade car seats in China depend on imports, and has quickly become a large-scale manufacturer of synchronous rods of car seats in China, which is widely used in many middle and high-grade cars such as Volkswagen, GM, Honda, Toyota, Mercedes-Benz and BMW.

Industry status

  • As the car seat is one of the core safety components of the car, the technical requirements for its core components are very high. The middle and high-end models are mainly supported by several international giants in the car seat industry, such asKeiper、Brose、Faurecia、Lear、JCIAnd so on, when these seat manufacturers do not have the production capacity of synchronous rods in China, they are imported from abroad and then assembled.
  • Compared with the solid synchronous rod, the hollow synchronous rod has great advantages in light weight, but there is a problem that the forming precision is not in place.
  • Because of the narrow market field of seat synchronization lever, the automation level of synchronization lever production is relatively low.
  • When the synchronous rod is welded with metal baffle or handwheel, the production efficiency of the welding process is low due to the particularity of the welding structure of the synchronous rod.


Mingyang technology

01.Mingyang Technology from2010Beginning in 2000, according to GermanyKeiperThe domestic development of the technical standard has solved the technical problem of the sectional profile accuracy of the hollow synchronous rod, and brought about the improvement of the quality level. Some products have been exported overseas.

02.We independently designed special equipment suitable for synchronous rod production, such as special-shaped hollow tube straightening equipment, automatic head rolling machine, automatic cold drawing machine, automatic end face processor, automatic double-head drilling machine and special welding machine, which greatly improved the quality level and production efficiency and reduced the production cost.

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