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Application scheme of self-lubricating bushing in automobile industry

Application scheme of self-lubricating bushing in automobile industry

Application scheme of self-lubricating bushing in automobile industry

With the electrification, intelligence, sharing, digitalization and stricter emission standards of automobiles, the demand for new materials with high efficiency, energy conservation and environmental protection will increase rapidly, and the demand for high-performance materials for automobile products is increasing day by day.

Industry status

  • At present, energy saving, environmental protection and electronic information technology in automobile industry are the key development directions of automobile parts manufacturing industry in the future. With the development of new energy vehicles, lightweight is the trend, so the development of new materials is the key to the automobile industry.
  • Lightweight requires miniaturization and simplification of various functional parts of automobiles. The components of rolling bearing or copper sleeve have complex structure.
  • The actuators of some automobile functional parts require full-cycle maintenance-free, and rolling bearings or copper sleeves need regular refueling maintenance.
  • The automobile industry is fiercely competitive, and cost reduction is an inevitable requirement of the industry, which requires low-cost and high-performance materials.


Mingyang technology

01.Mingyang Technology is engaged in the research and development and production of self-lubricating materials, and has developed a variety of self-lubricating materials, which are suitable for the joints and sliding parts of automobile seats, doors and chassis. Self-lubricating performance, interference fit, clearance elimination and shock absorption and noise reduction are realized for each rotating and sliding part of the automobile.

02.What we developedMYB200Bonding metal-based self-lubricating materials,MYB300The metal-based sintered self-lubricating material,MYB400Metal mesh sintered self-lubricating materials andMYB500Self-lubricating engineering plastics. According to different working conditions, different types of self-lubricating materials can be used to meet the requirements of high load-bearing and interference fit, thus simplifying the structure of parts and realizing light weight.

03.Our products are used in seats, door hinges, gear shifting mechanisms and chassis of various models, with reliable self-lubricating performance.

04.According to the actual application scenarios, we developed a variety of new self-lubricating materials, the process is simpler and more environmentally friendly, and realized large-scale continuous automatic production with high production efficiency and low cost.

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