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Metal backing adhesive bushing (MYB-202)

Metal backing adhesive bushing (MYB-202)

Product materialbyPTFEAnd non-conductive additives are mixed and tightly bonded with the steel back

Product featuresIt has low friction coefficient, good wear resistance and self-lubricating performance, thick coating, noise elimination and no gap

Application scenarioWidely used in hinges, seat rotating parts, slide rails, transmission chains, office machinery, food and medical equipment and other occasions

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Material organization

Material structure of metal backing bonding bushing

MYB200Standard size

H 0.50-0.04 0.75+0.01-0.04
L±0.2 5 6 7 8

MYB200Standard size

materials performance

project unit Material model
    MYB201 MYB202
Maximum bearing capacityP dynamic load MPa 100 100
  quiescent load MPa 180 180
Maximum linear velocityV(grease lubrication) m/s 2 2
highestPVvalue N/mm2·m/s 1.8 1.8
friction factor - ≤0.25 ≤0.25
compression deformation 23℃/100MPa/1h mm ≤0.03 ≤0.03
volume resistivity Ώcm ≤106 >1012
Working temperature long term -150 ~ +180 -150 ~ +180
  short-term   ≤260 ≤260
Thermal conductivity W(m·k) 18 18
thermal expansivity K-1 25X10-6 25X10-6

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