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Metal mesh sintered composite bushing (MYB-400)

Metal mesh sintered composite bushing (MYB-400)

Product materialbyPTFE, carbon, graphite, glass fiber, polymer organic matter, etc., and the steel back are tightly bonded

Product featuresGood elasticity and shock absorption performance

Application scenarioWidely used in chemical industry, food industry, Textile industry and automobile hinges

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Material organization

Metal mesh sintered composite bushing (MYB-400)

MYB-400Standard thickness

H 0.48±0.02

materials performance

project unit Material model
    MYB401 MYB402
Maximum bearing capacityP dynamic load MPa 80 80
  quiescent load MPa 100 100
Maximum linear velocityV(grease lubrication) m/s 1 1
highestPVvalue N/mm2·m/s 1.6 1.6
friction factor - ≤0.2 ≤0.2
compression deformation 23℃/100MPa/1h mm ≤0.04 ≤0.04
volume resistivity Ώcm ≤105 >1012
Working temperature long term -200 ~ +260 -200 ~ +260
  short-term   ≤280 ≤280
Thermal conductivity W(m·k) 25 25
thermal expansivity K-1 18X10-6 18X10-6

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